Converge Venture Partners


The entrepreneur comes first.

Having been in the investment scene for almost 15 years, they’d developed a vast portfolio of successful start-ups, and had made their mark in the Boston tech start-up scene. With the renaming to “Converge Venture Partners” came the idea of being “more” for the entrepreneur, not just a fund for the good stuff, but as an indispensable partner; offering counsel and strategy along the way. It was a mission that we still, to this day, identify with wholeheartedly.

A Brand Based on Harmony

During our research and discovery phase with the Converge team, we aligned on the importance of creating a brighter experience for the entrepreneurs, but also the need to convey a harmonious working environment amongst the management, the partners, and entrepreneurs. It was from those values we underwent a vigorous creative process that yielded the visual metaphor, which became the logomark. Assets and palettes were developed to spread this new sense of harmony, trust, and collaboration.

The Experience

The mission was to create an inviting & welcoming first arrival and experience for entrepreneurs seeking investment. In research, Converge found that the process of seeking investment for young companies was a process drenched in misery.

A very important distinction that Converge wanted to make between other VC firms and themselves was that they wanted to visually show that their rockstars are the entrepreneurs, not the firm itself.