Package Design|Ad Campaign

For music, for conference calls, for any phone.

Designed through rapid prototyping and 3D printed testing, the Bheard is an acoustic sound pod speaker that amplifies sound and microphone input of your smartphone creating a portable and wireless solution for listening to music or podcasts as well as taking conference calls on the fly.

Bheard Package Design

There is no more beautiful, nor more effiecient way to display and explain the what the Bheard is and what it does than to simply show it in action. When approaching the design of it’s retail packaging, the goal was to do this as much as possible. The solution was to show the product with the context of a smartphone for in several views to showcase it’s function, as well as it’s sleek and simple design to amplify sound acoustically.

Tis’ The Season to Bjolly.

With the holiday season approaching, we partnered with Bhold to generate the creative for an ad campaign playfully showcasing the pilot products with some holiday cheer.