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Branding 60 years of hospitality.

The Lafrance family name is a name that’s been trusted in hospitality up and down the east coast from Maine to Florida for three generations. If you grew up in Massachusetts, the likelihood is high that your highschool prom, your baby shower, or your grandparents wedding was a Lafrance hosted event. With 12 hotels, 3 restaurants, five destinations to book your wedding, private or corporate event, and 60 years of service under their belt, they had never been touched by an agency until they came to known in 2016, to give them their first official brand mark, design their web experience, and position their brand legacy.

Logo Creation

Logo Mark

Creating a mark that represented the legacy of the Lafrance family name was not something we took lightly. The stakeholders expressed their main take-away for their audience, “You are welcome at Lafrance.” We created a form that hits with three punches: reflection of their French heritage, the “welcoming” symbol of a pineapple, and the initial of Lafrance Senior's own signature.


The letterforms in the logotype had to retain the legacy of the company, but feel fresh and modern. The letterforms were designed to feel as luxurious as their hotels and destinations. The utilization of the inviting ball terminals, reminiscent of old-style serif faces, were put into the context of a custom bold sans-serif face that could be tightly kerned and scaled to all sizes.

Identity System

The full identity system had to exist in many different forms, and apply to 60 years worth of materials, brochures to trucks. The color system was created using a luxurious gold, and a royal blue to reflect their coastal locations.

The Lafrance Promise

“Lafrance” is more than just a company. It’s a legacy borne from three generations. The beauty in this is that when you get married, you’re starting your family with theirs. We utilized Richard Lafrance’s actual signature as a design element to immortalize this promise in their brand.

Understanding the audience

Their main audience for booking weddings is the bride and her mother. We set out to learn absolutely everything about the bride of 2016; her interests, her career status and her pain-points with booking a wedding. To fully gain an understanding of what it’s like to book a wedding in 2016, we did a candid study by hiring an actress to call their competitors' destinations, as well as their own destinations, and actually book a wedding. The results: booking a wedding is hard.

The Strategy

After discovering their audiences' main pain-points of booking a wedding, the strategy we recommended was to create a web expereince that simplified the booking process for the bride-to-be. Show her everything she needs and nothing she doesn’t.

Web Experience


We discovered that a typical couple looks at up to 40 destinations to book their wedding. They inquire for details with up to five venues, and ultimately book at one of the three that they end up visiting.