Metal Beard Club


It's no secret here at known.creative, LLC: we're proud metal-heads. So when Metal Beard Club came to us for branding work, we couldn't say no. Metal Beard Club is a subscription-based beard product company on a mission to remind the world who wore beards first (and better). You'll find no man buns here, only the most brutal in beardcare.

The Brutal Beard Club

From days of viking lore and times medieval, when our mighty forebears rode forth across the land, their faces bedecked by glorious and manly manes, beards have been the mainstay of mankind’s baddest badasses the world over. Today, we salute you beardly dudes by bringing you the sickest thing in facial hair care since Dimebag discovered hair dye.


The Brand Identity

During the discovery phase, we collaborated with Metal Beard Club to learn more about their audience and brand goals. What was very unique about this project was that in narrowing down the audience, we had to actually narrow down the "genre". The metal genre actually has a huge family tree of different subgenres; each one with their own heritage, subculture, and visual language which, if we weren't careful, could've visually pigeon-holed the brand. With this in mind, we created a highly flexible brand identity that was, by metal music standards, visually general enough to not cater to one specific subgenre, yet still retained the heavy and brutal.

In working with their visual language, we also worked with them to establish their verbal tone, which plain and simple, had to be in-your-face and over the top. This ultimately influenced everything from the color palettes to the type choices.


Product Packaging

Once the branding portion was done, we jumped on the product packaging. Seeing as these products would be mailed to the subscriber every month, we felt that simple yet sweet was the approach, but they still needed to come off impactful and full of attitude. We created both a labeling system for their beard balms, waxes, and beard oil products, as well as created a graphic for the box.


Spreading Some Holiday Beard

Amidst the absolute storm that is prepping for holiday sales, we worked with Metal Beard Club on a digital advertising campaign, in which the ads would be placed on reputable heavy metal blogs and publications, such as Kerrang!,, LambGoat, and Metal Injection; as well as ads via social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.