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The institute of functional nutrition & lifestyle medicine

As the world’s thought leaders on functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine, the West Coast company Metagenics had a surplus of content from clinical studies, to new discovered in the field. This groundbreaking content had piled up over the years through a user experience that was nearly impossible to navigate. We partnered with Metagenics Institute to re-platform to a new CMS, rethink and redesign a new user experience for consuming and saving content, and a new backend system and strategy for publishing.

Framework & architecture system for content

In early conversations with MHICN, we realized that their existing content platform hosted over 1300 articles with zero architecture. The first step in tackling this was to understand the different types of content they have and how they could fit into a matrix. We established 6 “Therapeutic Platforms” & 6 “Channels” and created an icon and a color system for each to give context to where existing and future articles should live and how the audience and the publisher can easily navigate them.

Understanding the audience

In order to build the user experience that worked for practitioners, we had to discover their relationship with the content. What devices they read it on, what time of day they read it, if they read at home or in their practice. If they use it for personal use, or if they use a tablet in their practice to share information directly with patients where all questions that needed to be answered directly from the audience.

Pre-launch User Survey

We researched our user-persona by leveraging a survey that was distributed to hundreds of MHICN subscribers. With this, we were able to create a solid baseline for our audience, and understanding the users of the upcoming new platform. After siphoning through the data we accumulated, we decided in creating a single master persona that fit the needs and desires of those who were polled and leveraged this persona to appropriate the data in story form. This gave us the insight needed to create new features that our users were craving including a personalized reading experience where they could create their own folder system for storing articles and research studies.

Web Application

With the new feature requirements and framework in place, we designed and developed an architecture and navigation system with a modern look and feel that was flawlessly responsive for all sized devices.

Content Porting

When dealing with a site of this scale, it is crucial to create a seamless content environment to accurately port existing articles to the new platform. We leveraged GatherContent and ported over 500 articles and paired each with new image selections within the new brand standards.

Content Creation

As part of the new launch, we created a series of motion graphic animations to accompany articles on the new platform. These animations are also used as a tool by MHICN at conferences such as 100/100 and GeneSpeak to educate practitioners on topics trending in the nutritional healthcare industry.

Web Experience