So I Heard
House of Music


More than shape notes

Founded in 2012 by two Berklee graduates, So.i.Heard Music blends old school methodologies with modern technology to educate the new school of young musicians. Students hone their musicianship while also learning about and practicing different roles in the music industry. Being musicians ourselves, we knew we had to be a part of creating So.i.Heard’s brand identity, ranging from logo design to print & tradeshow materials and outdoor signage.

A school with a modern & unique approach to music education

Brand and Logo mark

The goal of So.i.Heard House of Music is to teach students music in their own tech-savvy language, and to provide guided and tracked private music lessons in a fun environment that’s more like a music college. Students learn how to play an instrument, read, write, and record music, all within a fun, safe, and high-tech environment built for K-12.

Branded Materials

Killer swag was essential for making So.i.Heard a brand that students and musicians could get behind. The school has sources for music of all kinds, to take idea from the speakers to the streets, we did a line of tee’s inspired by genre staples in the music industry including Techniques, Hohner blues harps, Blue Note Records, and of course, Metallica.