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Competitive saving.

It’s easy to relapse on a savings plan if no one’s looking. It’s nearly impossible to save for something with no plan. ZigZig is a saving app that let’s you build a savings plan, or build off of an existing savings plan in a fun and competitive game with your friends or other savers around the world. Slip up on your plan, pay to the pool. Don’t zigzag to your goal, ZigZig.

Global icon & category system for all kinds of saving.

On ZigZig, you can save for anything with anyone. Being able to do this in one big pot allows you to save for anything from a trip with you friends, to lauching your first business with global business partners.

Creating a ZigZig

There are three options for creating a ZigZig. You can create one from scratch and play by your own rules, start with a pre-made template based on what you’re saving for, or join a Saving Circle with a group of people already saving towards a goal.

Saver’s log

Document your saving journey with public or private logs to mark your progress and set reminders. Other saver’s can also comment or message directly to provide tips or words of encouragement.


As you steadily make payments, the app provides live feedback of how your performing within the app, or ping you with notifications via email or text. ZigZig will also provide you financial oppurtinities that you qualify for as your ZigZig Credit Score gets higher.

First arrival

A simple and direct path to get started with no signup required until you save your first ZigZig.