The new website is launched, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Our doors are open, and we’re officially looking to round out our client list. If you’re in the market for an immersive web experience or ready to make your brands presence felt, then allow us to lend an ear… we’ll both love the conversation. Also, if you haven’t yet, go check out our work! (in a separate tab of course)

Post launch we find ourselves with the responsibility of filling the site with pages, and those pages with content; so here we go!

If you’ve been around the site a bit, you’ve seen us describe brands as bold, beautiful or intelligent; collaborations we fall in love with. That passion is shared by each member of our team, and is the driving force behind the unique relationships we build with our clients & partners.

Internally we’ve taken to calling this drive we share the known ‘ether’… so we figured it would make a solid title for our creative corner tucked away here. Our writing certainly will be focused and geared around our industry, work, and professional landscapes (well…most of the time). But more importantly, we want each post here to share and express that passion. It truly is our common denominator, regardless of discipline. When I write, it will be fueled by the same drive that fuels my late nights curating content, gathering and sourcing reference materials, or crafting concepts. More importantly I guarantee the same drive and excitement exists with the rest of this team.

Buckle up.

PS – Speaking of when the team writes, feel free to jump over to one of our posts if you’re still itching for reading material. Or just subscribe for the future, if you’re the always-looking-forward type.

Always eager to be exploring new trends and disciplines, Rick's journey through the realm of digital strategy has been both unusual and pretty damn fun. The tl;dr? With a background in IT from UMass and a desire to work with his pup at his feet, Rick stumbled out of school and into the world of websites in 2010. Yadda yadda yadda, it's 7 years later and his focus is on building modern & creative approaches aimed at a wide array of research, campaign, and brand challenges faced by his clients and partners.