2016 was a huge year for known as a growing creative agency. We began the year as a two-man creative shop, by the year’s end grew to be 10+ strong (meet the team!) and elevated “the K” to be a full service, end-to-end digital creative agency.

The first huge step forward was merging the creative & strategy shop with H1 Creative, pulling in front-end champion design-gineer Devon Riley to lead the development team as well as the swiss-army knife marketing arm Rick Dolan. This expanded the agency’s capabilities,  disciplines of which we operate and strengthened the creative arsenal. With the new roster of killer projects on the bill, we on-boarded the mad design and motion skillz of Eric Trieu, the logic driven, rubix cube master mind of Pete Dunbar as the technology strategist, a partnership/kinship with Hive.Studio on photo/video duties, and finally integrating the known.team with CoreDNA bringing our enterprise and global e-commerce chops to a commanding full stack team of 17 strong.

Naturally, the Boston shop got a little cramped, so we filled the tank of our spaceship and launched the new known.hq in Salem complete with two slamming spaces, conference room, full bar and lounge, and huge windows for telescope star gazing and to further command our own research proving that Pluto is not a planet.

As you could imagine, the work we launched within a year was far too much to fit into a quick motion reel, so we chose a few pieces on the quick and dirty to compilate into our first agency reel where we also profess our love and nerdy-ness for the study, thinking and logic of the known.universe and how it relates to design and strategy. More on this to come.

If you’re looking to work with us, schedule a call or drop us a line.

In the meantime, enjoy.

known is an independent, Boston-based, end-to-end digital creative agency that grows businesses through spirited brand & marketing strategies, design, development and digital advertising.