Branding can seem like a pretty big concept to many people either running businesses or thinking about starting one. You have to consider every aspect of your company and what its current objectives and goals are. It even trickles down into the actual “voice” of your company, or the language it speaks to your target audience.

You may already have a business or start-up right now, with some sort of branding in place. It’s always a must-have when starting out, especially as you build a working foundation for the business to grow up from. People will identify your company immediately from its branding, whether the tagline hits them in the right way or the logo itself is strikingly unique; but it could also be in the way that your brand is portrayed throughout different medias.

So whether you’re looking to strengthen your current brand, refresh it, or even rebrand all together, you want your brand to say the following:

My Brand Is Current

Good branding should be able to stand the test of time. If not, a “dated” looking brand will most likely detract from new prospects or business. Think about the last time you invested (time or money) into your company’s logo. Does it need a refresh?

My Brand Is Flexible

Your brand’s look-and-feel should be able to perform well on a variety of different media. Flexibility, in this case, can me a lot of things; from having various logo versions for different contexts, to having set graphics, illustrations, or photography choices at your disposal for proper marketing.

My Brand is Consistent

Look at your current marketing materials. Do all the colors look the same? Is your logo treated properly on all of them? Consistency makes clear brand communication. The moment you become inconsistent with your brand standards, it may confuse your current target audience and/or detract from more outreach.

My Brand is Made Well

A properly designed logo and brand identity will be produced well on both print and web. Looks aside, does your logo work well at different sizes without losing quality? Is it easily read well? Kick blurry logos to the curb!

My Brand is Mine

At its essence, branding is about your company being itself. It’s analyzing what makes your company what it is, and interpreting it into an identity that creates relationships with your target audience. You’re the leader at what you do. Talk like one, look like one, but still be you.

We’d like to announce that we’ll be part of a branding & design panel, alongside Upstatement at WeWork Fort Point, hosted by the awesome people at General Assembly. We’ll cover a bunch of topics, including the necessity of good branding for start-ups and small businesses, when and how to go about it, and other design-related inquiries. Come on down, learn something, and if not for the educating factors, come down for a free beer.

Even before graduating from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2012, Chris Santoro wanted to start a kick-ass design agency. Fast forward to present-day, and not only has it happened alongside three close friends, but he's led the brand design for a wide variety of small to mid-sized companies and organizations. If he's not in the office, you'll probably find him shacked up in a nearby coffee shop or a ramen house.